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Winter Garden Room Extensions

A winter garden room extension allows for homeowners to have a strong connection to the outdoors during all times of the year. From inside your home you can fully enjoy the surrounding nature while also enjoying a great deal of sunlight, improving the quality of living.

A winter garden room can elevate any project, whether that is a new-build house or existing home.

Why should you specify a winter garden room?

Winter garden rooms are incredibly versatile. They can be used throughout every season of the year due to their vast opening elements and high thermal performance. Using aluminium frames and double/ triple glazing, a winter garden can provide a comfortable space to enjoy, without it being too hot or too cold.

Winter gardens are often attached to a house structure which creates an ideal relaxation space, close to the kitchen or living room. Easy access to the garden is often desired. Incorporating sliding doors, casement doors or bi-folds allows for free-flowing connection from inside to outdoors.

Winter garden room configurations.

When specifying a winter garden, it is important to carefully consider how it will fit against a home, or how it will stand on its own. With the vast majority of the structure being glazing, double or triple glazing must be used to achieve exceptional U values. Solar control is also of upmost importance. This is something that our solar control coating can fix and nullify.

Access and exits also have to be considered. Using a configuration of ultra slim sliding doors offers the widest variety of options. For example, a pocket slider could be designed, an opening corner configuration allows for a fully opening system and classic 2,3 or 4 track sliders offer an easy to use opening.

The aluminium framing also offers exceptional thermal performance while providing a sleek and modern look. These frames can also be marine grade coated for coastal environments and powder coated in any RAL colour.

winter garden room

Existing winter garden room projects.

Yew Tree House

In Upper Oddington, Moreton-in-Marsh, the owners of this Grade II listed home desired a more expansive living area and to make the most of the views of the surrounding countryside. In order to expand the kitchen on the garden side of the house, Jonathan Tuckey construct and Eastabrook Architects worked together to construct an innovative glass addition to the listed property.

Yew Tree’s winter garden features a closed roof design which allows the space to feel slightly more private. The listed home has one single sliding pane and an ultra slim pivot door. These two access options combined allow for ample ventilation options while serving a functional purpose.

yew tree glass room extensions
yew tree winter garden room

Main Street

The owners of this traditional-style house desired to add on and develop an airy, well-lit open-concept kitchen and dining space. As a result, a massive structural glass roof and biparting sliding doors were added to the glass box expansion.

In this contemporary highly glazed extension design, the slender sliding doors from minimal windows were paired with additional high-performance glazing options including the glass roof and casement windows. On one of the elevations, a sizable casement window with an aluminium frame was added to let natural light flood the new area.

This winter garden is larger than most with an extensive glass roof and bi-parting slim sliding doors. The door system gives easy access to the garden and plants that the homeowner often tends to.

main street winter garden room
Glass room extensions

Leign Farm

Van Ellen + Sheryn completely transformed Leign Farm, an 80-acre farm set in a lovely valley west of Moretonhampstead. The focal point of the transformation was the addition of a silver-framed glass extension.

Leign Farm benefits from the winter garden room and allows for a comfortable relaxation environment that allows a great deal of light into the home. Both slim sliding doors and structural glazing have been used to create an extensive glass façade with a sliding access option.

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