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Brixton House

External pocket doors in Brixton

Brixton House is a family dwelling transformed with a modern rear extension bringing a new living space for the residence. The rear extension features a brand new kitchen and dining space with direct access to the spacious garden with exterior relaxing and dining areas. Studio Carver Architects contacted the team at IQ Glass who specified minimal windows products to finish the extension with the desire to create a permeable façade using internal and external pocket doors.

It was important to the client and architects to maximise the space within the extension and also increase light entry and ventilation to the space. The combination of internal and external pocket doors in Brixton house has allowed for this to become reality.

external pocket doors in london
external pocket doors in London

The first and largest system specified and installed is a bi-parting internal pocket door with minimal sightlines to have an uninterrupted access point to the garden. These doors maximise the space by sliding straight into the buildings structure and becoming invisible.

The second and third pocket door systems have both been specified to slide externally opposed to sliding into the building structure itself. This design choice can be made for a multitude of reasons such as the structure not being wide enough to hide the door system. These external pocket doors in Brixton are unique entrance and exit ways for the dwelling’s extension.

The external pocket doors in Brixton also place focus on the extensions structure. The white painted bricks are toned down due to the natural green tint of the pocket door. This again adds a small touch of architectural class and flare to the home.

The first set of pocket doors were specified to be 1637mm wide by 2468mm high (per pane) which creates a very comfortable opening. The combined glazing weight is approximately 240kg which is very light for a sliding system. This means that the residents can operate the systems with ease. The structure within the wall was completed by the builder for the glass to slide into and was built to the dimensions of 1650mm wide by 2665mm high for a tight but reasonable fit for the doors. Within the pocket there is a stopper installed to ensure the doors do not get damaged when used.

The second and third pocket doors follow very similar details to each other. The one seen below is the main external pocket door of the home and features that white brick to green glass contrast. The specification for this door was 1087mm wide by 2449mm high with a very light double glazed glass weight of 81kg. The head frame is of course externally fitted and completely watertight to ensure that rain and harsh conditions will not rust the sliding system.

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external pocket doors in London
external pocket doors in London wide view