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Claywood House

New build low-carbon home was surrounded by sliding glazing systems.

The new build family home in Hampshire was built utilising different natural materials and high performance glazing from IQ. Sustainable materials were preferred while designing the low-carbon house as the focus was on creating a highly sustainable home design with a low carbon footprint. 

The design splits the house into two different styles. Bespoke timber cladding was used for the upper floors to match surrounding trees and frameless structural glazing and sliding glass system were installed to add natural light into the internal living spaces. The ground floor level was designed with pale brickwork to contract the upper floor for a contemporary design. 

Surrounding natural habitats provided inspiration for the colour palette of the building and building materials used. The large glazing elevations work to provide clear views of the surrounding landscape from all areas. 

Modern technology facilities were also installed inside of the house like an indoor physiotherapy pool and an internal lift for the homeowner with a wheelchair. Grand Designs Magazine mentioned on their interview that every single detail in the new build house was design to help make the homeowner’s life comfortable. 

modern contemporray new buold home with ultra-slim sliding glass doors
contemporary new build house in Hampshire with aluminium framed sliding glass door system

Internally, the home follows a contemporary design, with minimalist and modern art interior design to match the external elevations of the house. The natural light that enters through the bespoke glazing highlights all the fine interior design details. 

Triple glazed minimal windows large sliding door 4+ systems were installed on the ground floor level. The slimmest framed system provides access between the internal and external spaces. Our sliding door system has flush threshold detailing, and the freeway base provides comfortable transitions through to the garden area. 

The 26mm sightlines glass doors expand the indoor area through to the outside and connect the areas. High performance triple glazed glass doors with ultra-slim framing give the chance to enjoy the views even during the cold seasons. The aluminium sliding door system is fully thermally broken and provides comfortable living temperatures all year around in the living spaces. 

Some of the minimal windows glass doors were specified with heated glass and an electronic lock system. All the minimal windows systems also have solar control coatings to reduce overheating from the sun and reduce the energy needed for cooling in summer. Addition to that, marine grade coating was added in the pool side minimal windows door system to protect the glazing.

modern new build low-carbon home with sliding glass door and glass balustrade for Juliet balcony
marine grade coating sliding glass door in a indoor pool area in a new build home

On the upper floors, a minimal windows system was installed as an aluminium sliding window system with a frameless glass balustrade to create the stunning Juliet balcony. The glass balustrades provide natural light and uninterrupted views while providing safety for the Juliet balcony sliding doors. 

Bespoke structural glazing was also installed in different parts of the house by our glazing partner IQ Glass. The frameless thermally broken glazing adds massive amount of natural light to every corner of the house.  

High thermal performance of the glazing system helps towards creating a low carbon home as less money needs to be spent heating the home in winter. The large glazing elevations allow in a vast amount of natural light which reduces the energy needed for artificial lighting. They also provide stunning landscape views from every single room. 

If you would like to have more information about minimal windows® high performance systems, get in touch with the teamtoday.

Jim Stephenson Photography