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Penn Estate Dorset, Cliftops

A development of luxury cliffside hotel cabins

Set into the coastline along the Dorset Jurassic Coast is a set of luxury cliffside hotel cabins part of the Penn Estate Hotel. The luxury hotel cabins are set into the cliffside with large elevations of Keller minimal windows 4+ sliding doors to each hotel cabin. The slim glass sliding doors from minimal windows ensure a minimal sightline to all opening patio doors which allows the hotel cabins to connect visually to the sea beyond. 

The five brand new cliffside lodges replaced static caravans set along the coastline. The development of this area of the Penn Estate Hotel completely transformed the site and has created a destination location, hotel and wedding venue.

Clifftops by Morrow + Lorraine
Clifftops by Morrow + Lorraine

The site in Dorset is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic coastline and the architects designed the cliffside hotel lodges to maximise views across the English Channel whilst burying the mass of the structures within the landscape. The glass sliding doors slot neatly into the rugged landscape and rough stone walls of each cliffside hotel cabin. Other materials include metal external cladding which forms the head structure above each of these sliding glass doors. 

The slim sliding glass doors used here were the minimal windows 4 plus sliding door system which allows for a triple glazed unit within the aluminium frame. The specification of triple glazing to the sliding glass doors allowed for high levels of thermal insulation to the hotel cabins.

Due to the exposed coastal location in Dorset the aluminium framed glass doors were designed to a wind load of 1.1 kN/m2 or 150 kilometres per hour.

Clifftops by Morrow + Lorraine
Clifftops by Morrow + Lorraine

The aluminium profiles of the sliding glass door systems were finished in RAL 7043 which is known as traffic grey B. This shade of grey has a slight green undertone especially when compared to the typical RAL 7016. 

A type 2 thrust leave a manual lock was used for each installation of the triple glazed sliding door. This allows the sliding glass doors to be locked and unlocked manually from inside and negates any issues of lost keys for the hotel suite.

In total, 14 sets of colour minimal windows 4+ were installed on this cliffside hotel development. The high specification of glazing ties into the Penn Estate Hotels drive for luxury hotel living.

If you are looking to create a similar design or are looking for a luxury glass door for a hotel design, contact the team at minimal windows UK.