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Compayne Gardens

Contemporary extension on a London townhouse featuring floor to ceiling minimal windows sliding doors.

The new kitchen-diner area in the modern extension of this luxury home acts as a middle ground between the basement level and the ground floor.


Inside of this new functional living space there is a minimal and monochrome theme that uses whites and greys to create a clean and contemporary aesthetic.


The large slim sliding doors allow a huge influx of natural light which complements the greyscale interior design style. Light is able to flow freely through the large slim sliding glass doors and down into the basement level of the home.


A unique, low hanging light fixture is the perfect addition to this modern living space, acting as both a functional element and a design feature. There is both a dining table and breakfast bar, ideal for family or guests to sit. 

floor to ceiling minimal windows sliding glass doors on a contemporary glass extension on a London home

By using a corner opening configuration for these minimally framed sliding doors, the extension area can be completely opened up and merged with the garden space.

The same grey floor tiles were used within the extension and for the outdoor patio area surrounding it. This continuation of the flooring allows for a smooth transition between the spaces which is aided by the flush threshold of the sliding glass doors.

Due to the head frame of the doors being concealed within the building finishes and ultra slim sightlines of just 21mm, these doors create entire sliding glass walls that offer stunning, uninterrupted views of the garden without compromising on thermal performance.

oversized corner opening slim sliding glass doors in a corner opening configuration in this modern extension

Externally the bold dark grey building finishes contrast beautifully with the traditional terraced house style behind.

Many of these Victorian terraced homes in London follow a similar external style with orange brickwork. By creating an extension that does not follow this, it turns the space into a striking external design feature.

When the doors are opened a cantilevered roof structure is revealed, creating a floating roof feature that only requires one slim supporting beam. 

Other homes along the road were extended so the townhouses could reach their full potential. This particular home extension is the perfect contemporary addition to a traditional style home.

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