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Cotswolds Listed Cottage

Cottage Extension in Cotswolds

A cottage extension to a Grade II listed house in a secret valley on the edge of the Cotswold’s led to an award-winning and critically acclaimed architectural design that included large elevations of minimal windows throughout.

The contemporary cottage extension won planning permission under the paragraph 80 sub section of the planning rules (previously paragraph 79 and 59) which allows for the building in AONB if the project is of special architectural merit.

This building – designed by Found Associates – met this criteria due to the daring design with large format sliding doors and the sustainability design of the cottage extension.

glass wall in a contemporary extension
sliding door solution in a cottage extension

The large glass elevations, including Keller minimal windows®, did not only have an aesthetic purpose but were strategically placed to heat internal rooms via solar gain, for a sustainable contemporary design.

The focal point of the cottage extension is a long elevation of frameless glass with minimal windows sliding doors integrated onto the glass wall.

Using an adapted variation of the typical minimal windows pocket door detail, a single sliding panel was able to be integrated into the glass wall seamlessly. This full glass wall with integrated sliding doors used the solar gain generated from the sun to provide the heat source for the space.

The structure was partially built under the ground and used concrete to maximise the insulation values of the cottage extension.

Multiple sliding pocket doors were used throughout the sprawling building including smaller sliding windows to the study and larger pocket sliding doors to bedrooms, leading out onto a central courtyard.

All these installations of minimal windows integrated expertly into the Cotswolds stone with a light silver frame colour to offer contrast.

sliding glass façade in a cottage extension
corner to corner glass wall in a cottage extension

The project was highly recognised amongst the architectural community and won the RIBA National Award 2012 as well as being shortlisted for the prestigious Manser Medal.

The renovated Cotswolds cottage is also available on Luxury Cottage to rent for the weekend, with a starting cost of £16,000 per weekend.

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