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open plan rear extension project with oversized sliding glass

A large rear extension was added to family home in London. The design creates a very substantial open plan family space, totally transforming the rear of the house. The design featured two additional bedrooms in the loft and a new shower room. On the ground floor, a full-width rear extension was created with oversized Keller minimal windows® completely opening the space on to the patio and garden. The key feature of the extension was the use of oversized sliding glass doors filling the space of over 8m wide and 2.7m high with each sliding panel 2.784m x 2.708m each (over 7.5m2).

Oversized glass is classed as any element of glazing where both dimensions of the glass exceed 2.4m. There are very few glazing companies who can offer this size of glazing and it really creates a dramatic and unique design for this extension.

2PM Architects, the architects for this modern extension, commented that;

“The most striking features of the space are the bespoke kitchen design, the super wide minimal frame glazing and the frameless roof lights giving a feeling of light and air in the room.”

The 3 track Keller minimal windows® installation with oversized glass was finished in RAL 9005, a smart contemporary black.

The design brings natural light deep into the open plan living space through the large glazed doors while two large frameless roof lights ensure that the kitchen is flooded with natural light.