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Richmond House

contemporary extension to a traditional home using minimally framed sliding glass doors

Richmond House underwent a substantial contemporary renovation and extension to transform the small, unattractive 4 bed house, built from London stock in a neo-Georgian style. The home was re-designed to create a large modern family home, with plenty of open plan living spaces and strong links to the garden using minimally framed sliding glass doors.

The single storey extension at the rear of the house provided a large open-plan kitchen, dining and living space. The large elevations of slim framed sliding glass doors creates a light filled and airy living space the clients desired. The horizontal, dominant and grounded nature of the extension is offset by the expanse of sliding glazing, which opens to create a space that blurs the boundary between inside and out.

The minimally framed doors installed here are perfectly suited for this modern extension where minimal sightlines are desired with high levels of thermal and weather performance. The sliding glass doors were finished in a dark powder coat for a contemporary design creating a cohesive design with the aluminium pressings used to the facade of the contemporary extension.

The frameless opening corner allows the minimally framed doors to slide away from a 90 degree corner, revealing a floating roof. The ‘floating roof’ design allows the living space to flow freely into the garden, creating a unique feeling of space.