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Shenfield Mill

keller minimal windows® 4+ corner glass extension

A bespoke high quality glass extension was added to a family home in Berkshire. The design created a very large open-plan living space completely transforming the rear of the house. Keller minimal windows® 4+ over-sized sliding glass doors were used on two floor-to-ceiling elevations of the contemporary extension creating an impressive glass facade. This design merged the boundaries creating an indoor and outdoor living effect.

triple glazed floor to ceiling slim sliding doors with flush threshold
internal view of luxury glass extension with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors and a large fixed rooflight

The key focal point to this modern architectural design is the frame-less open corner with Keller minimal windows® 4+ sliding away from a 90-degree corner, revealing a floating roof. The ‘floating roof’ design allows the living space to flow freely into the garden, creating a unique feeling of space, especially with the addition of the LED lighting above Keller minimal windows®.

The Keller minimal windows® 4+ are more thermally efficient sliding glass doors, the triple glazing within the slim aluminium frame allows a thermal performance as little as 0.8W.

The floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls of triple glazing with their 26mm framing create a bright, light filled interior to the open plan living space, even when the opening corner is closed. Additionally the large elevation of glass takes advantage of the stunning views around the property.

The size and weight of the triple glazed sliding doors meant automating them with electrical motors would make it easier to open them. The motor is hidden behind the head of the aluminium framing, within the ceiling finishes maintaining the same aesthetics desired in the design stage.

The flush threshold to the base of the sliding glass doors gives an easy transition to the external living spaces perfect for a modern, minimal contemporary design.

oversized sliding glass doors on a contemporary glass extension
modern glass home extension with triple glazed, oversized sliding glass doors from minimal windows