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The Church

contemporary extension using sliding glass doors

Keller minimal windows® have been installed onto this incredible traditional church. Their slim frames were chosen for this minimal church extension to minimise the disruption to the traditional gothic architecture of the church building. These doors were installed on the extension to provide additional community space for the church as well as merging the internal community spaces with the picturesque rural surroundings.

minimal windows® are great for being able to provide the maximum amount of light into a building due to the large glass expansion. Although these doors are very narrow and tall, a lot of light can still pass through and no views of the church grounds are obstructed as the framing is also very slim. The sliding glass doors here are open corner doors, these help to open up the church and will be perfect in the summer when ventilation is needed. These open corner sliding glass doors have a flush floor finish which provides step-free access to the church and surrounding areas.