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Winter Hill

berkshire indoor-outdoor living space created using minimal windows®

Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors have been installed onto the extension at the rear of this family home in Berkshire. This addition has created the ideal indoor-outdoor living area as the dining room merges with the patio and garden area. The 21mm aluminium frame of the slim framed sliding doors gives the homeowners the perfect view of their garden as well as maximising the amount of light that flows through into the house. The slim framing gives this Berkshire home the perfect modern touch.

The sliding glass doors used in this Winter Hill project were designed as open corner doors that slide away from the corner of the extension, opening the extension to the garden leaving no frame or post in their wake. The use of these open corner doors works well with the shape of the extension and the flow of movement through the home and garden.

The open corner to this dining room gives the feeling of openness, giving the homeowners greater access to the outside by being able to push back two entire walls.

Keller minimal windows® have been installed with an integral drainage system. This means that if the weather is terrible, no water will be able to pass through the sliding glass doors since the doors are floor to ceiling glass facades.