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Cranbourne Road

Contemporary rear extension to a London home with oversized minimal windows® sliding glass doors

Benefitting from both a double height extension and a loft conversion, this semi-detached London home has been completely transformed. Unlike most extension, the external brickwork was specially selected to blend in with the existing building exterior as well as the surrounding homes.

Although the exterior keeps in with the surrounding building style, internally this home has a unique design. The floor and countertops have been designed to mimic concrete, which when combined with the light interior colour scheme create a light and airy living space.

The home has an incredible biophilic interior design with an abundance of natural light, house plants and natural materials. Wooden accents were used alongside the grey and white to bring character and depth to the space.

large slim sliding glass doors in a modern rear extension
ultra slim tall sliding glass doors in the rear kitchen extension

To expand the spaces with natural light, different types of high-performance glazing systems were installed in different locations around the home. On the ground floor, around the open plan kitchen and dining spaces have two 3.3m tall minimal windows® high slim sliding glass doors. The floor to ceiling glass doors are complemented by the frameless structural glass windows.

These tall external sliding doors added a massive amount of natural light into the space and highlighted the modern interior design. Ultra-slim frames maximised the glass for clear views out into the garden.

The lightweight aluminium framing and innovative base track and roller system means that even though the sliding doors have large panes, they are easily operated manually. Flush threshold detailing of minimal windows® sliding doors provides smooth, step-free access to the beautiful garden.

pas24 security sliding glass door in the contemporary london home
thermally broken structural glass in the renovated traditional london house

On the upper floor, another minimal windows® sliding door system was combined with a frameless glass balustrade for a modern Juliet balcony design that maximises both views of the outdoors and the flow of light into the bedroom.

The natural light that enters through the slim sliding doors increases the life quality of the homeowners by improving sleep and reducing stress. To not interrupt the view and the light, a glass balustrade was chosen to provide safety to the balcony.

Fixed structural glass and roof glazing were used in various places around all three floors of the home. This increases the level of the light from every angle at the rear of the home. The upper floor bedroom also had a glass corner with two meeting panes of structural glazing. The frameless effect glass was provided a panoramic view to enjoy all around the year.


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