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Cranley Gardens

Corner Pocket Doors to rear London Extension

This home in Muswell Hill was extended and renovated thanks to a rear extension and loft renovation to create a new master bedroom suite. To the ground floor of the home, corner pocket doors were used to completely open the corner of the living area. Keller minimal window sliding doors were specified for this area due to their ability to open on a corner and slide into pockets. 

The semi-detached house is a traditional brick build and the minimal windows corner pocket doors integrated into this brick elevation with dark coloured aluminium frames to contrast with the brick stock of the North London area. The slim sliding doors open on the corner with a two-pane sliding door on the front elevation and one single pocket door on the returning elevation. The corner pocket doors open at this 90-degree connection and slide away into their own separate hidden pockets.

Due to the exterior building material of brick, the outer framing of the minimal windows sliding doors were not hidden within the building structure as is typical. Instead, the fixed framing of the Keller minimal windows were installed flush with the exterior brick wall. This created an extremely neat detail to the external facade including the corner connection of the glass doors.

When closed the corner pocket doors offer the slim vertical sight lines of minimal windows with floor to ceiling glass. This allowed the interior living spaces and new kitchen to connect directly to the garden both visually and practically.

When open all three sliding glass panes slide away from the 90 degree corner connection into hidden pockets creating a fully open aperture and connexion to the outdoors.

These same slim sliding glass doors were used on the upper floor to the new master bedroom set within the loft. To create a cohesive design the same RAL colour was used to the loft bedroom sliding doors. The glass sliding doors to the loft were designed in a two-pane configuration with one fixed and one sliding panel. The sliding patio doors give access from the new master bedroom suite onto a small balcony looking over the rear garden.

The outer profile of the sliding patio doors where hidden within the building finishes both inside and out. Externally timber cladding was used to the roof of the small patio and tiles were used for the floor and wall coverings.

The slim framing of the minimal windows was especially useful for this small doorway to maximise the glass. With such a small door opening you want to ensure the most minimal framing and largest glass surfaces possible for that connection to the exterior. 

Both the ground floor and the loft sliding glass doors were created using the Keller minimal windows system with double glazed insulated units within both.

The corner pocket doors and loft extension sliders were both finished in a dark grey powder coat RAL colour.

The type 2 manual lock was used on both the loft extension sliding doors and the corner opening patio doors to the ground floor. This manual locking system is only accessible from the inside of a building and provides an extremely secure PAS24 certified locking system.

If you are considering your own corner pocket door installation, contact the team to discuss the specification of Keller minimal windows.