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Harefield View

Floor to Ceiling facades for luxury villa.

Floor to ceiling minimal windows® sliding glass doors were installed on the front and rear of this luxury new build home. The upper flow of the home has a smaller area than the lower floor, resulting in the front of the home being one storey and the rear of the home being two.

At the front of the home minimal windows sliding doors were used alongside curved structural glass to create a unique glass façade. At the rear of the new build, floor-to-ceiling minimal windows have been installed on two levels to create an impressive glazing elevation.

The slim framing of only 21mm provides the homeowners with incredible, obstruction free views of their surroundings. The addition of these slim framed sliding glass doors, surrounding the home, are perfect for this contemporary designed house.

luxury interior design with warm brown tones and a biophilic design
two pane minimal windows sliding glass doors and structural glazing with curved glass

Having a full section of minimal windows sliding glass doors on the ground floor allows the owners to create the perfect indoor-outdoor living experiences by being able to open up complete walls of glass to merge the two living areas.

Frameless glass balustrades were used alongside the minimally framed slim sliding doors on the upper floor to create a modern Juliet balcony design. These Juliet balconies are an innovative way to increase ventilation within the home and the frameless glass panes do not disrupt the scenic views of the surrounding nature.

Incorporating these balustrades means the homeowners can open the sliding doors and enjoy the fresh air with the assurance that they have a safety barrier to prevent any accidents.

impressive glass facade at the rear of this luxury home with curved glass and minimal windows slim sliding glass doors
the rear of a luxury new build home with slim sliders and a modern Juliet balcony design

The interior design of this luxury home incorporates many biophilic elements, using warm earthy tones and natural materials to bring the outside in. A stunning dark wooden floor sits just inside of the large glass walls.

Both floors of the home benefit from a huge influx of natural light thanks to the abundance of slim framed glazing. The natural light highlights the luxury interior design and complements the deep warm brown tones.

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