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High Acres

High Acres is a luxury modern villa that was completed back in 2015. The home has replaced the exiting post-war home that was located on the edge of North London. The house was valued at just over £1,600,000 in 2012 and after the development was sold for £6,400,000 in 2022.

The project features a wide range of glazing including several configurations of slim sliding doors that offer both entrance, exit and ventilation options.

glass facade high acres

Slim sliding doors to create glass facades.

A large focus of High Acres was to increase light flow, ventilation and ease of movement throughout the home. To ensure that the necessary areas are provided with an abundance of natural light, minimal windows slim sliding doors have been installed across all three floors (including the indoor swimming pool room located in the basement).

The main configurations of sliding doors span across the bottom floor with a bi-parting slider and singular secondary slider that offer patio and garden access from the living and kitchen area. The ultra slim 21mm sightlines ensure that the views of the garden are unhindered and allow the glazing systems to match the modern aesthetic of the home.

High Acres - Marine Grade Glazing 547x365

Basement sliders in pool environment.

The basement of the home features a bespoke gym and indoor pool that can be access via a three-track sliding door. Being in a marine environment, the system has to be able to withstand heavy water exposure and higher humidity/condensation. Marine grade glazing can be specified to ensure that the system will be able to handle any exposure to the pool water and condensation.

When looking at the interior artificial lighting of the basement pool, there is feature lighting at each end of the ceiling, along with the standard spotlights see across almost every home in the UK. While this lighting would be substantial during the late hours of the day, the addition of the sliding doors allows for the daytime lighting to be fully natural. This provides benefits for both the homeowners and pool environment.

Other glazing featured throughout the home.

Aside from the minimal windows sliding doors, High Acres features other bespoke glazing that was supplied and installed by the UK Exclusive minimal windows supplier IQ Glass.

Up and over structural glass features in the dining area and provides a great deal of light into this area of the home. Frameless glass balustrades also have been installed across the home to both protect the residents from heights, and to help them travel down the bespoke spiral staircase safely. The large dining area which is host to larger dinner parties and social gatherings has a single glazed internal screen installed to provide vocal privacy while still gaining natural light.

The double height entrance façade allows for a huge statement entrance that allows visitors to peer into the home and see the vast spiral staircase that leads upstairs and down to the basement.

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