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Chester Street

London Juliet Balcony for townhouse sliding doors.

Chester Street is a narrow, six storey townhouse which has been renovated and remodelled to become the perfect family home. With limited space, ensuring that the outdoor area was fully accessible and integrated with the home was of high priority.

The three-storey extension features minimal windows with protective, frameless Juliet balconies.

Chester Street’s sliding doors have been installed to act as both access and opening features with the bottom floor sliders being used to access the outdoor space. The second and third floor have three track slim sliding doors that are used as opening windows to increase ventilation and allow the residents to create a more open-plan living space.

Paired with the sliding doors are frameless Juliet balconies. The purpose of these internal balconies is to provide protection when the sliding doors are opened. Juliet balconies are installed and designed so that they do not affect the function or aesthetic of our slim sliding doors. The frameless feature ensures to not distract from views.

juliet balcony

The slim sliding doors have very minimal 21mm sightlines with hidden base and head frames for maximum viewing. The system was specified as a three-track design with two sliding panes and one fixed pane. The double glazing provides exceptional thermal performance and ensures that the smaller rooms do noy suffer from overheating.

The interior Juliet balcony has been fixed on two sides with a completely frameless design. The balcony isn’t designed for human leaning weight, therefore it is a single glazed pane of glass that protects the residents from accidentally falling or slipping past the sliding doors.

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