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The Boat House

contemporary lake house with slim framed sliding glass doors

A contemporary new build was constructed by the side of a lake using slim framed sliding glass doors by Keller minimal windows® on the focal elevations. The Boat House has been constructed in an idyllic location with 360 degree views of greenery surrounding the property and our sliding doors make the most of this view.

The key focal point of the traditionally shaped building is the Keller minimal windows® which continue the minimalistic appearance of the design providing uninterrupted views of the unspoiled surrounding. Our minimally framed sliding doors have been designed to slide away from the corner with one side disappearing into pockets (wall cavities), opening up the internal living areas to the surrounding lake providing primary access to the decked external patio areas.

The opening corner and hidden pocket door creates a seamless transition between the internal living spaces and the lake capturing the views perfectly. These minimally framed sliding glass doors create an impressive facade of moving glass with 21mm sightlines generating a bright, light-filled open plan living area.

The exposed location of this guest house means privacy needs to be carefully considered within the design. The contemporary boat house incorporated bespoke timber shutters which can be folded over the sliding glass doors, creating a full cladded facade of burnt timber.

The slatted design of the bespoke burnt timber shutters means that even when the shutters are closed the light can still fill the living spaces, but offers the privacy element desired with a guest house.

This contemporary lake house was recently featured in an April 2016 edition of Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine.