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The Colt House

contemporary garden room and double height extension

Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors were used on various elements of this modern house extension and garden room project in Suffolk. A double height extension was added to the existing home creating a larger, open plan living area to the ground floor and an additional bedroom with balcony to the first floor.

Slim framed sliding glass doors from Keller minimal windows® were used on both floors as access out into the external areas. All the frames were finished in RAL 9007, Grey Aluminium, to match the rest of the external metal works to the building.

A two track sliding glass door installation was used on the double height extension to both the ground floor patio door and first-floor balcony door. When closed the sliding doors maintain a minimal vertical frame of only 21mm then opening up to 50% of the aperture when open.

To the garden room, a short distance from the home, Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors were used again as the front access doors. This full elevation of minimally framed sliding glass doors uses an electrical lock to allow the doors to be locked and unlocked from outside of the garden room.

The opening configuration opted for here was for two fixed panes on either side of a sliding middle panel, maintaining all the 21mm sightlines.

The full elevation of minimally framed sliding doors is surrounded by a slotted timber facade for a striking architectural elevation.