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Ivy House

luxury home featuring corner opening minimal windows sliding doors

The thick white roof over the conservatory on this luxury new build home contrasts beautifully with the traditional brickwork on the rest of the building.

By using contrasting colours and materials, the single storey conservatory attached the house serves as a striking design feature, bringing a contemporary touch to the home’s exterior.

The same stone tiles were used on the external patio areas and within the home. A huge benefit of having this continuity with the flooring is it allows the option of completely merging the two spaces to create an indoor-outdoor living area. This is also aided by the flush threshold of the sliding glass doors.

minimal windows sliding glass doors in a corner opening configuration were used to separate the conservatory area from the garden without obstructing the view. This room benefits from floods of natural light, even with the doors closed due to the extremely minimal framing.

open corner sliding doors
minimal windows slim sliders with brown aluminium framing around the sliding glass doors

When open, the large structural opening allows air to flow freely and helps to break down the barrier between the inside of the home and the outside.

The ability for this room to be part of the internal or external areas allows it to unify the spaces, allowing to the home to be well ventilated but also protected from the elements.

The furniture within this space has been selected to ensure the interior design matches the building finishes and glazing perfectly. The brown aluminium door frames are complimented by the brown sofa cushions, and the white furniture works in harmony with the light walls.

A contemporary heater hung from the ceiling combined with the high thermal efficiency of the corner opening sliding doors ensures the inside of the property is warm all year round.

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