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Sanctuary House

Unique new build home in Devon featuring a Slim Sliding Doors

minimal windows sliding glass doors were used to create a home that had a strong connection to nature and acted as a sanctuary. One of the homeowners has a degenerative eye condition that prevents them from seeing well in artificial light, so it was imperative to introduce as much natural light into the property as possible.

Designed using a range of natural materials such as stone cladding, zinc and lime render. Use of these material enables the building to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding nature, causing minimal disruption to the landscape.

Strong elements of biophilic design have been incorporated into both the exterior and interior design. Internally there is a theme of wood running throughout the home.

Use of natural materials both inside and outside, a vast amount of natural light within the home and large glazing elevations that provide uninterrupted views of the outdoors, all contribute toward forging a strong connection between the home and the outdoors.  

bathroom with natural wood building materials and a large window displaying elements of biophilic design using an aluminium fixed window

Casement windows, structural glazing and roof glazing from IQ Glass were used alongside the minimal windows systems to create a full glazing package for this stunningly unique new build.

To avoid glare from the bright summer sun, overhanging eaves were used externally to block majority of the sun, only allowing in the morning and evening glows.

High specification glass was used around this home, with glazing options used such as low iron, solar control and low maintenance. Low iron glass provides ultra-clear views of the striking grounds, and low maintenance coating reduces the need for regular cleaning significantly.

The solar control prevents the sun from overheating the internal living spaces and also prevents heat from escaping through the glass. This helps to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors all year round.

floor to ceiling sliding glass doors and a balcony with a frameless glass balustrade
wooden eaves solar shading solution over an external balcony and terrace area with frameless glass balustrades and large aluminium sliding glass doors

The home has a cantilevered upper floor, and the whole front wall of the upper floor is made from floor to ceiling glazing. This includes fixed structural glazing along with minimal windows sliding glass doors.

Frameless glass balustrades have been used to form a safety barrier around the upper floor wraparound balcony without disrupting views. On the terrace section of the balcony a fully functional outdoor kitchen can be found, providing the ideal area for relaxing or entertaining guests.

The flush thresholds of minimal window sliding glass doors allows the indoor and outdoor living areas to be merged completely, forming one large functional living space.

The overall design of the home’s exterior is the perfect combination of biophilic and contemporary, creating a relaxing atmosphere with a  strong connection to nature.

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Architects: Barc Architects

large glazing elevations used on a new build home to maximise natural light within the property including minimal windows slim framed glass doors
luxury new build home with a balcony with a frameless glass balustrade and oversized sliding glass doors