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Welbeck Street - Six Storey Renovation

minimal windows sliding glass doors used in six-story building renovation

A building which was previously used as office space has been transformed into six luxury residential flats.


In order to utilise the small internal courtyard space on the bottom floor, concave corner opening minimal windows sliding doors were used. The flooring in the interior living space was designed to be a similar colour to the external flooring.


The continuity in the floor design combined with the flush threshold of the minimal windows slim sliding door system allows the spaces to be merged. This creates a large indoor-outdoor living space in the first floor flat, simply by opening the doors.

corner opening slim sliding doors to an internal courtyard
light grey luxury interior design with slim sliding doors and an internal Juliet balcony

The Internal Glazing

The interior design of these flats exudes a luxury feel. The grey and white colour scheme are complemented by splashes of wood and the large glass panes maximise the natural light in the flats.

In smaller living areas is it imperative to find ways to make the spaces feel bigger. This can be done through the use of glazing with minimal sightlines and using light colours for the interior, as shown in this project.


Flats on the higher floors still benefited from minimal windows sliding doors with ultra-slim sightlines. A unique element of the upper floor glazing was the internal glass balustrade.


Balustrades are most commonly attached to the exterior of a building on upper floors to create a Juliet balcony. However, Morrow + Lorraine Architects have placed a glass balustrade inside of the sliding glass doors that are the same width as the moving glass pane.

two pane sliding door balcony about corner opening slim sliding glass doors

Copper cladding was chosen for the external building finishes to give the property a rustic industrial aesthetic. The existing spiral staircase was salvaged and adapted to suit the new copper-clad extension.


Copper aesthetically enhances buildings by evoking an atmosphere of warmth and tranquillity. The cladding and glazing work in harmony to create a beautifully unique building exterior which contrasts with the minimal interior.


For more information about minimal windows® get in touch with the team today.


Architects: Morrow + Lorraine Architects


Photographer: Simon Maxwell 



For more information about minimal windows® get in touch with the team today.

01494 722 880


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