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House Z-M

House Z-M was built in 2013 by Dhoore Vanweer Architecten and is located within the Greenland of Belgium. With architecture in Belgium consistently evolving this project, despite its age, looks as if it was built yesterday.

House Z-M has a variety of features that makes it the perfect private family home. An L-shaped floorplan frames the garden/courtyard area and creates a sense of togetherness. A bold combination of luxury sliding glass walls and mirrored facades assist the home in blending into the environment surrounding it.

The entire project is constructed on a 1.2m grid. Every exterior joinery seam, all natural stone tiles on the walls and floors are all aligned with the grid. Every dimension is a multiple of 120 cm in width and 60 cm in height. This creates extreme symmetry and meant that all bespoke elements of the home, especially the glazing, had to be perfect down to the millimetre.  

The house layout and design.

The focal point of the lower floor is the vast luxury sliding glass wall which completely exposes the inside kitchen and living space. The left section of the system consists of our slim sliding doors which when opened gives direct access to the swimming area. This part of the system also integrates an open corner sliding door system for full 90-degree openings and inside to outside fusion.

Another smaller set of slim sliding doors are part of the luxury sliding glass walls, this time installed on the right side of the home. This minimised system allows for easy access into the garden from the main living and relaxing space.

The middle section of the luxury glass sliding walls features ultra slim framed floor to ceiling height glazing including a curved glass pane to flow with the L-shaped floorplan of House Z-M. This allows for the ultimate viewing experience and also creates the illusion that the glazing is structural. (If you look closely, you can see the black steel beams which are supporting the upper floor weight load).

Moving upstairs to the bedroom and bathroom area of the home, the main structure consists of fully mirrored glazing which creates a glass box living space. This mirrored effect allows the greenery and skylines to reflect from House Z-M and creates an invisible illusion that the top floor doesn’t exist. This effect also increases privacy and therefore comfortability for the residence.

Luxury sliding glass walls details.

Both the middle section of the downstairs glazing and the mirrored glazing upstairs have 21mm feature frames that give 21mm sightlines which is our minimal windows standard. The floor to ceiling height is an estimated 4 meters tall which can create risk for manufacturing faults such as roller wave.

Due to our high specification manufacturing process the glazing is crystal clear and is perfect for viewing. Of course solar control was a concern especially for upstairs. The high amount of glazing can create a greenhouse effect which can make the interior temperature of the home unbearable. minimal windows have solar control coating and offer thermal breakage for glazing which nullifies this effect.

The luxury sliding glass walls both work on a bottom track system and stack together once fully opened. The left set of slim sliding doors have a 4-track system which joins with the open corner door on a single track for the inch perfect corner join. The smaller set of slim sliding doors work on a three-track system. Because of the weight of the glazing the framing is slightly larger than the previous 21mm sightlines.

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