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Villa NEO

A modern abstract villa design

Villa NEO is an incredible modern abstract villa design which is the absolute peak of ultra modern home design. The main structure of the building sits upon V shaped structural beams to support the overhanging master bedroom. A very unique design choice is the extruding steel joinery connecting the two top buildings together. This join has been designed to create the illusion that the building is bending, this was inspired by the way trains carriages are connected.

Villa NEO solidifies the modern abstract villa design by having very sharp corners accompanied by the wooden cladding featured around the home.

Glazing in a modern abstract villa.

The glazing is what adds the final touch to this modern abstract villa design. The lower floor consists of slim sliding doors and structural floor to ceiling minimally framed glazing. This allows for the residents to enjoy the view of their garden and pool space. The sliding glass doors allow for the owners to open the home and join with the outdoors which is especially good for summer.

The upstairs has more frameless structural glass and a set of slim sliding doors (that act as windows) for the master bedroom. The glazing provides a great view into the garden and also looks great during the nighttime when the dark orange hue lights are turned on around the home.

A huge focus point of the modern abstract villa design is the strcutural glazing with integrated floor to ceiling steel beams. This focal point completes the two partitions of the home and creates an opening which adds another level of height and scale to the home.

The minimal windows systems all feature the standard aluminium frame which contrasts against the lighter shade of wood around the home. 21mm sightlines have been achieved which is now our standard for sliding door products. The slim sliding door system downstairs is a 3-track design which means that there is three glass panels which move across to open the space.

When projects like Villa NEO require a large amount of glazing, it is important that the glass does not create a greenhouse effect which is common in buildings without properly specified glazing. minimal windows ensure that our solar control glazing ratings achieve Uw values of 1-1.1 W/m2K for maximum comfort. On the other hand, all glazing needs to retain the heat during the winter. The seal around the systems plays a large part in this as does thermally breaking the glazing which is a very common feature for residential projects.  

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