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Lakes by Yoo, The Barn

Modern Lake House in the Cotswolds

This modern lake house sits on the outskirts of the Bowmoor Lake complex, as part of the Lakes by Yoo luxury development near the Cotswolds. The extensive lake house looks to create a 21st century version of a typical rural barn. The design of the lakeside home takes many of the positive attributes of a barn structure with double height internal spaces, large windows and crafted local materials to create a modern lake house with luxury interior design by Kate Moss. 

Our slim sliding door system is evident throughout all external elevations including the impressive double height glass facade to the focal elevation of the modern lake house. Here, a three-pane slider sits at the base of the double height elevation of glass, set within a bespoke steel structure. Above, fixed elements of glazing sit with their junctions designed to line up with the interlockers of the minimal window glass doors below.

The master bedroom suite and snug living room also include elevations of minimal windows, with an open corner sliding door configuration to the ground for living area. Above this single-story cavernous seating area, a balcony and outdoor seating space is accessed via minimal windows to create a luxury addition to the master bedroom suite. 

Additional installations of minimal windows are evident throughout the build, with simple installations of two pane sliding doors offering an elegant and minimal intersection between inside and out. The thermally broken aluminium frames sit easily within the Cotswold stone and green oak façades. All outer framing of the sliding doors are hidden within the external building skin of the modern lake house for an all-glass design.