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Modern Home Extension

A modern extension was added onto this home in Surrey, with double and single storey levels that create a large L-shape living space on the lower floor that is home to the kitchen, dining and lounging areas.

The extension follows a minimalist design, utilising white cuboid shapes and minimally framed glazing. The home now benefits from two sets of minimal windows®  sliding glass doors and a minimal windows® pivot door at the rear of the property. 

Both the three pane sliding door and biparting sliding glass doors connect the large communal living space to the garden creating an open-plan, indoor-outdoor living area perfect for use during the warmer months.

interior of large home extension in Surrey with two sets of minimal windows aluminium sliding patio doors
large modern extension including a two storey extension with a slim framed pivot door

Internally, this luxury home in Surrey follows a very contemporary industrial style aesthetic with a monochrome colour scheme and minimalistic furnishings.

The grey flooring mimics the look of concrete and the brick of the original home building has been left exposed, adding character and depth to the space. These interior design elements are enhanced and highlighted by the abundance of natural light that flows in through the glazing.

A bold black feature all sits behind the kitchen counter which would normally make a space feel smaller, but this has been balanced out by the huge influx of natural light from the minimal windows systems and large rooflight.

three pane sliding patio door with minimal aluminium framing in a large Surrey home extension
home extension in Surrey with a modern industrial style interior - featuring a large black feature wall, exposed brick wall and fixed rooflight

The rear of this luxury home benefits from a large contemporary garden space that utilises a warm, neutral colour scheme to create a calming atmosphere.  

minimal windows slim sliding doors connect this outdoor space and the interior living spaces with the flush threshold, which is certified for barrier-free access, allowing for a smooth transition between the two.

Forging a strong bond between a home’s internal spaces and the outdoor has many benefits. This biophilic design of bringing the outside in can help to reduce stress and boost productivity.

The minimal framing of our slim sliding doors allows living spaces to be connected to nature. Even when closed the slim frames allow natural light to flow in and offer uninterrupted views.

modern garden design with slim sliding aluminium patio doors connecting the garden and internal living spaces
biparting sliding glass patio doors in a Surrey home extension creating an indoor-outdoor living space

At the rear of the garden a modern studio workspace was built which follows the same minimal, industrial style design as the rest of the home. This separate living space also has a bold, black feature wall and uses low hanging, exposed light bulb fixtures.

A three pane minimal window sliding door connects the space with the garden and a large pane of fixed glass sits beside the slim sliding door, allow natural light to flood into the bright and minimal interior.

The minimal sightlines of the minimal windows glzing systems are among the slimmest available in the UK, these are not just products, they are unique glazing solutions that represent a luxury lifestyle.

IQ Glass UK installed this installation of KELLER minimal windows® slim framed sliding glass doors and are the sole installer for KELLER minimal windows® within the UK. Contact IQ Glass UK for more information about installing KELLER minimal windows® on contemporary design projects within the UK.

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