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Orange and Black House

Shaped Corner Windows and Sliding Doors to Modern House

This modern house design in Netherlands maximises light and angles with expertly placed shaped corner windows and sliding glass doors. The unique shape of the house provides the chance to live in wider spaces both in the garden or indoors.

Designed by DE Architectekten, the project saw the original house on the plot demolished to make way for the contemporary house with associated outbuildings. The design was created to draw inspiration from the traditional thatched roof villas of the region, creating a modern interpretation of this classical building style.

The slim sliding glass doors from minimal windows were a key feature of the modern approach to the building structure. The floor to ceiling glass and bespoke and complicated corner connections offered transitions to the outside as well as well-placed panoramic views over the surrounding polder landscape.

frameless corner windows with slim framed sliding glass door in a contemporary new build house
shaped sliding glass doors in a new build house

With glass corners on strategic views, the glass walls to the ground floor create bespoke shaped corner windows with glass to glass joints. The sliding minimal windows panes turn into frameless glass returns on these corners to reduce sightlines and structure in these areas.

On the rear elevation, shaped corner windows spread out from the centre of the building, creating clear openings on the corners of the first floor rooms.

The two-storey family home uses a combination of black timber and eye-catching orange bricks to complete the build, maintaining that unique and eye-catching design. 

The shaped corner windows and slim sliding glass doors intersect with these strong building materials throughout the house, with punched windows, angled glass and corner glazing surprising the design throughout the space.

mode home design with orange brickwork
contemporary home with black timber

An elongated orange brick wall provides privacy for the rear garden and patio areas that are accessed via the rear minimal windows sliders. The flush thresholds of this system make it well suited to rear patio door situations for easy transitions and connections with outdoors.

On the front elevation, glazing scales were reduced for privacy however, a panoramic minimal windows slider was integrated as a large sliding window, offering a modern ‘slot’ window design that is becoming increasingly popular.

The sliding window design maintains the 21mm sightlines of the classic minimal window sliding door while offering a frameless surround design and maximum ventilation.

Internally, a modern style interior design and furniture were chosen for the living spaces to match with the modernist architectural design of the house.


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