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Polo Pavilion

This Polo sports Club in Windsor features a stunning modern pavilion next to one of the fields.

The pavilion benefits from multiple minimal windows® slim sliding door systems which form floor to ceiling sliding glass walls.

Inside the pavilion, there is a modern yet comfortable atmosphere with a mix of furniture types and patterns giving the space an avant-garde aesthetic. This simple yet elegant space houses a bar where guests are able to grab a drink while they enjoy their day.

The pavilion is also home to a large decking area that can be utilised for outdoor seating and alfresco dining, English weather permitting. Both the interior space and decking area have excellent views of the polo pitch.

ultra minimal and slim framed sliding glass doors with clear view of the Emsworth polo club field
two pane floor to ceiling sliding glass door with oversized panes

Three sets of two-pane minimal windows sliding glass doors were used around the pavilion to introduce a contemporary touch whilst maximising natural light in the internal space.

Slim aluminium framing and large clear glass panes allow people sitting inside to benefit from clear views of the polo field, even with the doors closed. Natural light is able to flow freely into the sports club, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

When the doors are open the flush threshold allows the interior and exterior space to be merged, creating a large area perfect for hosting events and watching polo matches.

unique and quirky interior design of a polo pavilion with three sets of two pane minimal windows sliding doors
pitch side polo pavilion with minimal windows sliding glass doors and an outdoor decking seating area

Biophilic design can be seen around the build in the wooden furniture and flooring seen both inside the pavilion and on the outer decking. The strong bond between the internal space and the stunning grounds is enhanced by the large slim sliding doors.

Using this type of glazing turns the outdoors into a piece of art, elegantly framed by the aluminium structure surrounding the sliding doors.

Come wind, rain, or shine, this pavilion now benefits from vast amounts of natural light, clear views, and a connection with nature.

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