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Princelet Street

minimal windows® Pivot Doors were used in this glass extension to maximise natural light and create a strong bond with the outdoors.

This rustic yet contemporary extension on a Georgian terraced home in Shoreditch uses two minimal windows pivot doors in a double opening configuration.

In order to preserve the stunning traditional red brick, the exterior of the home and the two brick walls on either side of the garden were left exposed, to create a strong connection with the outdoors whilst aiding with the rustic aesthetic.

For the internal furniture and fixtures stunning natural wood countertops, chairs and dining table were used to complement the exposed brick walls. The kitchen cabinets and draws have metal covers following the natural, bucolic aesthetic of the extension.

internal view of a glass extension with a biophilic design and aluminium pivot doors
contemporary rustic extension with exposed prick walls, a glass roof and aluminium pivot doors from minimal windows

The large glass pivot doors have minimal aluminium framing and a flush threshold, allowing the internal and external living spaces to be merged when the doors are open.

Biophilic design can be seen in the use of natural materials within the extension and the huge influx of natural light that flows through the roof glazing and pivot doors. With the doors closed the slim frames of the doors and roof glazing offer panoramic views of the outdoors.

The colour scheme consists of warm brown or red earth tones and varying shades of green, mimicking colours found in nature to create a warm and inviting space with character.

For both the inside of the extension and the external patio, light grey tiled flooring was used to create a smooth transition between the two spaces, enabling them to become one large indoor-outdoor area.

large glass pivot doors from minimal windows in a glass extension with exposed brick walls
minimal windows pivot doors with a flush threshold and olive grey aluminium frames

The aluminium framing was finished with a polyester powder coating in RAL 7002, also known as Olive Grey. This stunning colour has green undertones that complement the traditional brickwork.

Red and green are opposite each other on the colour wheel, meaning soft green tones are always an excellent choice to pair with this type of red brick.

Installed by minimal windows glazing partner, IQ Glass, the extension also featured a structural glass roof. A new brick skin was added to the rear of the extension, to take the load of the glass roof without altering the appearance.

This extra layer of brick conceals the steel structure that surrounds the roof glazing, enabling the extension to blend in seamlessly with the host building and brick walls.

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olive grey framed pivot doors from minimal windows in a modern glass home extension
rustic and modern home extension with an indoor-outdoor kitchen and dining area and pivoting glass doors