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small rear renovation featuring slim framed sliding glass doors

Keller minimal windows®, slim frame sliding glass doors was installed as part of a small renovation to a period home in Surrey. The traditional home featured contemporary design elements to create open plan living.

A three pane sliding glass door takes advantage of the stunning panoramic views of the garden surrounding the property, allowing a lot more natural light to enter the living space. Using aluminium slim framed sliding doors help achieve the contemporary design aesthetics desired that Keller minimal windows offer, minimal detailing, slim framing, thermally efficient and bespoke dimensions. Additionally, by using Keller minimal windows you avoid the unnecessary structural interruptions other door options would create.

Modern aluminium framing works really well with traditional design aesthetics. The minimal framing allows a contrast design finish between the traditional brick facade and the glass. The aluminium framing has a 21mm vertical frame with frameless surrounding finishes. The flush floor finish across the modern patio doors keeps the open-plan design flowing all the way through both the internal and external living spaces, creating an impressive architectural design and a brighter open plan living area. The innovative detailing included a flush threshold drainage system specifically designed for the Keller minimal windows® system. It allows the frameless flush appearance across the internal floor finishes, creating a smart non-hazardous entrance to and from the living space as well as water protection draining 120 litres of water per minute.