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open corner sliding glass doors to maximise space

This incredible, large new build in Surrey includes the installation of open corner minimal windows® sliding glass doors to maximise living space.

Installing these sliding doors has enhanced and maximised the living spaces on the inside of the home as well as merging the two areas together, creating the perfect indoor-outdoor living space. Using an open corner allows two walls of glass to be pushed back, creating even greater access to the outside. Four panes of glass have been used in the glass sliding doors alongside the kitchen and dining room areas with only two panes being used for the living room area. Both sets of slim framed sliding glass doors create floor-to-ceiling glass facades, giving the new build a contemporary aesthetic.

The design of this home has been cleverly thought out as the flooring in both the kitchen, dining and living room spaces is the same flooring used on the patio outdoors. This provides a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors when these sliding glass doors are opened. By having step-free minimal windows, there is easy access between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. With a slim frame of 21mm these doors help to maximise the natural light intake into the home as well as maximising the views of the garden.