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Portland Road

Double Height Slim Sliding Doors

Portland Road, located within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Notting Hill, is known for being the most gentrified road in the UK and is home to some of the most prestigious beauty spas, wine bars, and art galleries.

Portland Road is a period property, characterised by the distinctive architectural style of the 1850s and so it’s to no surprise that Portland Road is classified as a conservation area. 

The grandeur of the facades of these highly sought-after townhouses doesn’t follow through to the inside, with dysfunctional layouts which prevent them from reaching the standards of 21st-century living.

triple glazed glass door in a house in London
triple glazed sliding glass door in London

Johanna Molineus Architects were commissioned to modernise the existing family home by creating an open planned living space, to allow more light and fresh air into the property. 

With the property having so much character, retaining the original features was important to keep the difficult yet delicate balance of historical and contemporary.

To open the narrow property to the rear of the garden, a new horizontal dimension was put in place to build a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Double height sliding doors were installed to the rear of the property to create a seamless threshold, allowing the internal rooms to benefit from the natural light of the garden and inevitably open up the internal space.

These aluminium sliding doors, minimal windows 4+ system, span a height of 5770mm tall to create an expansive elevation of glass.

These tall external sliding doors were installed adjacent to an internal double-height void which serves as an internal courtyard, channelling light down into the lower ground floor rooms.

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