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Residence VDB

Glass wall elevation wraps around the new build luxury house

The new build house in Belgium boasts glass wall by minimal windows highline architectural solution on both two-storeys. This system combines sliding glass doors and structural fixed glazing in one frame. 

The modern glass façade of the house provides bright internal spaces while allowing the stunning River Leie views to flow in. The stepless door system offers effortless access to the outdoor pool area with its easily movable, sliding glass wall.

This innovative architectural glazing system has aluminium profiles making it light to use manually while creating the best thermal performance to live comfortably. The aluminium frames are also naturally resistance against marine environments.

sliding glass wall
modern glass façade

Wooden walls complement the design while providing privacy on the front elevation and conceal the oversized sliding glass door behind the swimming pool house.

The entire ground floor includes a high performance aluminium glass façade system with floor to ceiling glass walls widening the views to the stunning garden and river just outside of the city Ghent.

Having space which allows natural light to flood in while enjoying the incredibly beautiful landscape is a key advantage for this luxury new build villa achieved by the structural glass façades. The ultra-slim aluminium framing profiles also maximise the glazing level on each elevation.

glass facade advantages
aluminium glass façade system

Each bedroom on the second floor has private terrace and all these terraces linked to the internal living areas by floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. High security performance sliding glass doors offer secure living environments for everyone.

The solid walls of the luxury designed concrete-clad home embraces its position nestled in a serene natural habitat by the river.  

In addition, the architects created a stunning private underground lounge area with garage to house a fleet of collectable motor cars.

For more information about minimal windows® Highline system or to use this innovative, modern solution on your next project get in touch with the teamtoday.