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Rieteiland House Amsterdam

Ultra-slim sliding glass walls in Amsterdam

The stunning luxury new build house built with different types of materials. The brief of the homeowner architect was making the house very modern and high-end electronical house. Different materials are used in the house such as glass, aluminium, steel and wood. All these materials paired very well together.

One face of the 3-storey building was on the water side and designed with oversized architectural glazing. The architect wanted to have panoramic views of the garden and surrounded landscape while enjoying the daily sunsets during the nice weathers.

A glass façade provides protection to the structure of the building. As a result, the building can withstand high winds, heavy rain or snowfall without any damage. Glass façades also help reduce heating and cooling costs since they allow natural sunlight to enter the building especially if solar control coating applied.

This slim sliding glass walls in Amsterdam also provided ventilation for the internal spaces when opened. The aluminium framing profiles don’t add extra weight into the glazing however, these oversized sliding glass doors cannot be controlled by manually due to the sizes and their weight. Therefore, electronic control mechanism installed.

slim sliding glass doors in Amsterdam
slim sliding glass doors in Netherlands

The minimal window® ultra-slim glass system is also thermally broken with 1.1 Wm2K Uw value. High thermal performance provides a steady living environment reducing heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

The thermal performance is very important when having a large glass wall and a large open plan living space. Choosing the lower rate Uw value is the key feature while deciding the glazing solution.

The flush threshold base track detailing of the glass doors in Amsterdam gives the ability to walk stepless through glazing solution any time. The concealed base track keeps the surface in the same level. High security ratings of the architectural glazing system also protects from any criminal possibilities and makes the homeowner safe all year round.

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