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South West London Rooftop Box

A rooftop glass extension with single pane minimal window

Extending out onto the top floor roof terrace, this rooftop glass extension integrated a single pane minimal window to provide access to the small balcony. 

The rooftop glass extension was created using structural glazing with a minimal windows slider in the left wall of the glass structure. The sliding door sits below a bespoke steel goalpost structure within the glass extension, used to create the door opening within the glass elevation.

The entire glass extension creates a new sun room and additional living space to the top floor penthouse in South West London.

The sliding glass door within the rooftop glass extension is a single pane minimal window. The sliding glass pane was designed to slide onto the outside of the penthouse wall, set beneath the bespoke steel supports. 

When the sliding door is open, it leaves a fully open doorway within the elevation of the rooftop glass extension. The floor track and head track of the sliding glass pane continue along the outside of the glass box, fixed against the existing solid wall of the apartment.

When closed, the sliding glass door shows no framing outside the steel support around it.

The sliding glass door frame was finished in a white RAL colour which was in keeping with the external wall cladding of the penthouse apartment. This white colour was matched with the steel support of the rooftop glass extension structure. 

A typical two-point manual lock was used operated via the type 2 thrust lever handle which is only possible to operate from inside. From the external elevation, the sliding glass door can be manually slid open using the vertical interlock.

The result is a slim sliding glass door which integrates perfectly into the rooftop glass extension structure.

For more information about using minimal windows® on your rooftop glass extension project or in a single pane variation,  get in touch with the team today.