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Warwick Gardens

glass extension to a traditional townhouse featuring minimal windows®

Keller minimal windows®, slim framed sliding glass doors were installed to a traditional Victorian London townhouse within a glass side infill extension. Side Infill extensions are a popular building addition, especially in London, where space is a premium. Extending the unused space and opening up the interior creates a better layout and increases the size of the living areas, better suited to modern day designs trends.

The bespoke glass extension features a structural glass roof to heighten the kitchen diner, carefully filling the spaces with natural light . The 21mm vertical framing and frameless surrounding frame finishes, of the Keller minimal windows® mean that even when closed the sliding glass doors allow a full floor to ceiling glass wall looking out onto the garden.

A black, back painted spandrel panel was used to conceal the steel supporting structure above the doors and seamlessly connect the sliding glass doors and surrounding structural glass.

The sliding glass doors and structural glass roof were mirrored on the floor above which created a small roof terrace. To make the space more usable the glass roof pane was extended over the face of the slim framed sliding doors and the small balcony to create a frameless glass canopy, providing shelter from the rain.

Sliding glass doors were also used as external doors to the basement creating a small courtyard. The minimal framed windows were used to create dramatic light filled living spaces within the windowless basement space and provide easy access to the small outside area.

The slim framed sliding doors used here are perfectly suited for modern design projects where minimal sightlines are desired with high levels of thermal and weather performance. The sliding glass doors were finished in a dark powder coat merging with the original windows but contrasting effectively with the traditional brick facade.