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St Johns Wood

Slim Patio Doors to Listed Building in London

The minimal windows sliding door system was used as the slim patio door solution to this Grade II Listed house refurbishment. The listed home refurb included a new 3 storey side extension, a new basement, a new garden room in the rear garden and a glazed extension to the rear. 

The rear glazed extension was designed in a way that was sympathetic to the listed building’s existing design, with large white columns supporting the flat roof. The slim patio doors to the listed building were then set behind this column design, with the slim aluminium frames designed to line up exactly with the centre point of each stone pillar.

As the slim patio doors to the listed building offer a floor to ceiling glass finish, the minimal windows are almost invisible from an exterior view, minimising the impact of the structure on the listed building’s exterior design.

Within the rear garden of the listed house sits the new garden room. This garden pavilion was designed to be used as study and home office space. 

The minimal windows slim patio doors were used across two elevations of this glass garden room, opening on a corner beneath a flat green roof.

The glazed garden room is almost invisible from the neighbouring houses thanks to its location against the garden wall and its green roof. The slim patio doors to the listed building sit minimally within the low-lying stone structure to add to this low visual impact.

With high performance double glazing and thermally broken framing, the slim patio doors offer high insulation to the listed building design. This glazing specification assisted in the building’s move to a more energy efficient building.

The slim patio doors to the listed building extension were designed in a three track, opening corner configuration to match the design of the white columns. The size of each sliding panel was determined by the location of the stone pillars with the returning glass elevation of slim patio doors using narrower doors for greater opening. 

A further three track installation of the slim patio doors were used within the new muti storey side extension to match the slim glass design.

The glass doors to the garden room were a two-track opening corner design. Each slim glass door pane slides away from a 90-degree corner with flush thresholds to connect the study to the patio area.

Each slim patio door to the listed building used the manual two point thrust lever locking for high security whilst the garden room utilised an electromagnetic lock due to the requirement for exterior access.

For more information about using slim patio doors for listed buildings or any other information about minimal windows® get in touch with the team today.