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Stone Haven - Cornish New Build

Countryside wedding venue with steel look sliding doorsr

Nestled in the Cornwall cliffside, this breathtaking luxury new build home uses an innovative design with a building envelope formed of Cornish slate, sustainably sourced Shou Sugi Ban timber and minimally framed glazing.

Having won Best Residential Property in the International Property award 2020-21 for its sustainability and stunning design both inside and out, the coastal home boasts a large amount of high-quality glazing.

A total of six minimal windows® slim sliding doors were used at various points around the luxury new build coastal home in Cornwall as part of a specialist glazing package from IQ Glass, the sole UK supplier of minimal windows®.

Slot drains were installed by the minimal windows on the ground floor to ensure adequate drainage at all times.

three-pane slim sliding door with marine grade aluminium framing
sliding doors with solar control glass

The interior design throughout has this extravagant, inordinate interior design style with varied textures, colours and patterns that work together in harmony to create a luxury home that still has a level of comfort and homeliness. This interior design style is enhanced by the influx of natural light that enters through the minimal windows slim sliding doors.

In the rooms facing the picturesque Cornish cliffs and sea, it was vital that these views were maximised. This included the living room on the lower floor and the master bedroom on the upper floor.

Both rooms were specified with a three-pane slim sliding door from minimal windows on the wall facing seaward. The ultra-slim 21mm sightlines offer panoramic, uninterrupted views of the surroundings.

solar control glazing in minimal window slim sliding doors
sustainable new build home in Cornwall with a bespoke glazing package

When specifying glazing, such as slim sliding doors, by the coast, such as this are in Cornwall in southwest England, aluminium framing should always be to go-to thanks to its low maintenance and natural rust and corrosion-resistant properties.

Solar control and low maintenance coatings were used on all external glazing systems around the luxury coastal home, and well as marine grade polyester powder coating for all aluminium framing.

Utilising marine-grade polyester powder coating can enhance the durability of the frame, protecting it against the harsh sea air that has higher levels of moisture and alkaline.

Solar control glazing is recommended for oversized glazing and glazing solutions that are south-facing or likely to be exposed to the sun’s rays often.

This property had no surrounding buildings or nature that provides shade and protection from the sun’s rays, meaning that specifying solar control for all glazing was an ideal option.

specialist solar control glazing package including aluminium sliding doors
bespoke coastal glazing package for a luxury new build home in Cornwall

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