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Sundale Avenue

Luxurious new build home with open corner minimal windows® sliding glass doors and structural glazing.

This breathtaking luxury new build home has entire walls of glass on both the lower and upper floors. Structural glazing and minimal windows®
slim framed sliding doors
were used to create a stunning façade with a modern and minimal aesthetic.

The home was designed in an L shape, with a long stretch and a shorter area, joined by an obtuse corner. The lower floor glass wall that runs along the perimeter of the home features a curved glass pane in the corner.

Curved glass helps to avoid the harsh edge that could disrupt the views and the flow of natural light into the interior space.

corner opening slim sliding doors form minimal windows in a modern kitchen of a luxury new build home
structural glazing including a curved glass pane and minimal windows slim sliders create glass walls with moving elements

minimal windows sliding glass doors were used in an opening corner configuration by the kitchen. Just outside of the doors there are multiple contemporary outdoor seating areas and an outdoor pool lies just beyond that.

By using the doors in a corner opening configuration, it allows the internal space and outdoor areas to be merged, creating one large indoor-outdoor area. This new functional living space allows a smooth transition between the kitchen, seating space and pool area.

Ultra-minimal framing on the minimal windows sliding glass doors and neat silicone bonding between the structural glass panes allows natural light to flow freely into the internal living spaces without obstruction.

This also means that from within this luxury home there are panoramic, uninterrupted views of the stunning garden and surrounding nature.

minimal windows floor to ceiling slim sliding doors create entire moving glass walls in a luxury new build home
luxury home with an outdoor swimming pool and glass walls that include multiple minimal windows aluminium sliding glass doors

The home follows a monochromatic colour scheme, utilising white building finishes both internally and externally. Black structural posts, glass framing, and silicone bonding contrast with the white beautifully to create a contemporary aesthetic.

Interior design elements such as pieces of wooden furniture and house plants helps to strengthen the bond between the home and the outdoors. The wooden accents and splashes of colours seen in some furnishings complement the luxury feel of the home.

Overall this new build home is the epitome of luxury, utilising modern glazing to create a striking building design that is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

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large two pane slim sliding glass door from minimal windows
modern home entranceway leading to minimal windows slim sliding glass doors