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Jesus College

Triple glazed extension at Cambridge University

A triple glazed extension was added to the Grade II listed webb Building at Jesus College, created to form a new café pavilion. The new glass café was part of the multi-phase renovation and development of Jesus College my Niall McLaughlin architects. 

The triple glazed extension was a key feature of the phase 1 works, designed to create a prominent link t the rest of the college. Keller minimal windows 4+ were used to create the full glazed walls to the Jesus College extension. Using triple glazing for the extension, the architects were able to achieve high levels of insulation as part of the development’s sustainability plan.

Set within a timber framed construction, the three elevations of minimal windows 4+ create the triple glazed extension. 

The interlocks of the triple glazed doors were expertly detailed to line up with the interior timber detailing. This includes the interior timber lattice ceiling as well as the exterior timber posts which support the external louvre overhang.

Even with the specification for triple glazing, the extension utilised minimal glazing design with the 4+ system. The sightlines are only 26mm with floor to ceiling glass.

The triple glazed extension included a solar control coating to all exterior glazing. The glass within the triple glazed doors was all low iron glass to compensate for the additional glazed thickness. 

The aluminium framing for the triple glazed extension was finished in RAL 1035, known as pearl beige. The frame finish is a metallic appearance with both bronze and silver undertones. This light framing finish worked well with the detailing of the extension as well as with the exposed timber finishes.

Due to the required track depths for the glass doors, triple glazed sliding doors were integrated with elevations of fixed triple glazing using the Highline façade system.

Two panes within the front elevation and one pane in each returning elevation were sliding and locked via the type 2 manual lock.

With floor to ceiling elevations of triple glazing at 2.9m tall, the triple glazed extension at Jesus College offers a modern addition to a historical and listed building.

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