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Villa Fully, Switzerland

Bespoke architectural glazing to a luxury villa in Switzerland

Villa Fully is a single storey luxury villa in the greens of Switzerland. The entire build was inward facing, over a central courtyard with bespoke architectural glazing creating through-flow from the living areas to the outside. 

Set within the mountain region of Switzerland, the building was designed to sit low within the landscape, minimising its impact on the other constructions around. The whole villa is situated on one ground floor level centred around a green courtyard, accessed through the minimal windows sliding doors from all angles. 

The build was designed for circulation, expanding the living spaces – dining room, kitchen, living room – to the inward facing courtyard via the flush thresholds and ultra-slim framing of the minimal windows sliding glass doors 

The cocoon nature of the building shelters this courtyard, creating a private retreat for the occupants and allowing an unrestricted view of the breath-taking mountains that surround the property. 

This view is maintained when within the property thanks to the large elevations of bespoke glazing that fill the outward facing elevations. These glass walls were created with the use of minimal windows sliding doors, easily identified by their slim vertical profiles, large glass units and minimal outer framing. 

oversized bespoke sliding door in a new build in Switzerland
bespoke open corner sliding glass doors in a house in Switzerland

The unique shape of the single level new dwelling created open corner sliding door configurations in bespoke and unusual angles. Keller minimal windows were the architect’s first choice of glazing system for the project due to the angles required to create the architect’s bespoke shapes. 

Rather than designing in the linear plane, the architects designed an irregular hexagonal interior courtyard, framed by slim sliding glass doors on three elevations. The minimal windows opened on corners with a non-90 degree corner connection on each junction, creating a bespoke glazing shape to the entire living unit.  

To cover all the façade on the courtyard face of the building, oversized glass panels were specified for floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. These sliding panels created the moving glass walls with flush threshold on the base framing which offer the direct access to the centre courtyard. This stepless base framing allows the smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor areas. 

Each aluminium intersection is expertly integrated into the architect’s chosen palette with the floor finishes flush, the head frame within the ceiling structure, the side junctions within the render. All that remains is the minimal thermally broken aluminium profiles that intersect the glass elevations.  

The unique nature of this project comes from the bespoke shapes created thanks to the minimal windows profiles and possibilities. If you are designing your own unique build, contact the team for minimal windows® UKtoday.