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Stunning modern extension with a minimal windows® sliding pocket door

Located in a conservation area in Richmond Borough, this home is also a Building of Townscape Merit, meaning extra care and consideration had to be taken with the extension design. 

The homeowners wanted a space that had a strong connection to the outdoors, and somewhere they would want to spend time. The three-pane minimal windows® sliding glass door slides into a wall cavity in the external building finishes leaving a completely open aperture with a flush threshold that is certified for barrier-free access.

This allows the internal living spaces and the external garden to be completely merged into one large indoor-outdoor living space. Previously there was an old conservatory and outdated kitchen, but this was transformed into a stunning open plan kitchen, dining and living space.

sliding glass pocket door from minimal windows in a modern rear extension in London
modern London home extension with a slim sliding glass patio door in a pocket configuration

Internally, the home now boasts an extremely modern design, with sleek grey kitchen fixtures and a natural stoned island. The light grey stones tiles that cover most of the extensions floor and the bright ceiling and walls help to increase the perceived size of the space.

The contemporary interior design follows a mostly light and minimal design, however, natural wood accents are utilised to bring character and depth to the living space.

Natural light is able to flow in through the slim sliding pocket door and reflect off the internal building finishes, making the space appear bigger and enhancing the overall interior design.

minimal windows three pane sliding glass pocket door closed
minimal windows three pane sliding glass pocket door partially open
minimal windows three pane sliding glass pocket door fully open

Externally, a specialized bespoke zinc cladding was designed to enclose the slim sliding door from minimal windows. Along with the traditional style brickwork, the cladding gives the exterior a contemporary aesthetic.

An integrated slot drain was incorporated into the slim sliding patio door design. Our minimal windows slot drain can hold up to 120 litres of water per minute, perfect for any weather, even the extremely wet English weather.

The system still maintains a completely flush threshold that is certified for barrier-free access, whilst preventing any water from entering the property.

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