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Warren Street

Contemporary interior design highlighted by minimal windows® sliding doors

This luxury new build home follows a contemporary greyscale theme throughout, incorporating accents of orange to bring character and depth to the home.

Multiple minimal windows® sliding glass doors were used around the property, both on the ground floor to connect the internal living spaces with the outdoors and also on the upper floor to provide access to the external balcony areas.

Slim sliding doors were an excellent choice for this particular project as the minimal aluminium framing, flush threshold and ability to conceal the head frame within the building finishes fit in perfectly with the contemporary aesthetic.

floor to ceiling large sliding glass patio doors from minimal windows
three pane sliding glass door with slim aluminium framing from minimal windows

Stunning grey tiles were used throughout the ground floor of the home and continued out across the modern patio area.  

This continuity of flooring combined with the flush threshold of the sliding glass patio doors allows the spaces to be completely merged when the doors are open, creating a smooth transition between indoors and out. 

This creates a large indoor-outdoor area that is well ventilated and well lit. These types of spaces have become increasingly sought after in recent years as having a strong connection with the outdoors has many benefits, both physical and mental. 

Oversized sliding glass doors can be used to create entire sliding walls of glass that act as both a functional element of the home and a striking design feature.  

sliding glass balcony door in a luxury new build home
luxury living room with open corner sliding glass doors

The combination of orange and white furniture that alternates throughout the home creates a sense of continuity and cohesiveness with a contemporary touch. 

The living room has a bold orange L shaped sofa which is highlighted by the abundance of natural light that flows into the room, unobstructed by the minimal framing of our slim framed aluminium sliding doors.  

Light internal building finishes help the internal living space appear bigger and more spacious, with clear views of the outdoors being turned into stunning live works of art, framed by the ultra slim aluminium profile around the minimal windows slim sliding doors.  


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