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New Build Homes

Villa Schilde

Villa Schilde Luxury Belgian House Glass Façade Villa Schilde is a luxury home located in the tree-cladded outskirts of Belgium’s busy cities. The villa is

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Villa NEO

Villa NEO A modern abstract villa design Villa NEO is an incredible modern abstract villa design which is the absolute peak of ultra modern home

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Clayworth cottage

Clayworth Cottage

Clayworth Cottage A fully wheelchair accessible, nature focused home Clayworth Cottage, a 4,500 square foot new construction by Arkle Boyce London architects, was featured on

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Camberwell New Road

Camberwell New Road A small glass extension with Minimal Windows This small glass extension was used to extend and refurbish the Grade II listed house

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highly glazed apartment building

Beirut Terraces

Beirut Terraces Whole façade architectural glazing in a skyscraper A highly glazed apartment building in Beirut, Lebanon was built as a part of a grand

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sliding glass wall

Brussels Loft

Brussels Loft Sliding glass wall envelopes penthouse rooftop extension in Brussels Floor to ceiling sliding glass wall application installed at a penthouse in Brussels provided panoramic

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glass wall

Residence VDB

Residence VDB Glass wall elevation wraps around the new build luxury house The new build house in Belgium boasts glass wall by minimal windows highline

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aluminium sliding doors

Nicosia Tower

Nicosia Tower Floor to ceiling aluminium sliding doors in a luxury multi residential property The tallest building in the centre of Nicasia, the capital city

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