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Highline: A Modern Aluminium and Glass Façade

minimal windows latest glazing solution is a new and innovate aluminium and glass façade system, known as the minimal windows Highline. This modern glass facade system combines large, fixed elements for structural glazing with ultra-slim profiles, making it ideal for large, uninterrupted glazing installations.  

When specifying an aluminium and glass façade system, it is important to discuss the performance values of the system with your chosen glazier to ensure project requirements are met, and any limitations of the system. 

The Highline aluminium and glass façade system utilises high performance, thermally broken framing profiles and structural glazing to allow fully glazed facade designs to be realised. 

Flexibility in design is key to allow the system to be specified to achieve certain values, or achieve a certain aesthetic to blend in to the build of stand out to become a design feature.  

commercial aluminium and glass façade system
sliding glass wall in luxury home design

Aluminium and Glass Façade Performance Values

Specifying glazing with high performance values is essential for any high end residential or commercial project. This includes a low Uw value to show thermal efficiency, high wind load testing, and security testing.  

Our minimal windows Highline aluminium and glass façade system is unparalleled in performance. The modern glass façade system can achieve Uw values as low as 0.7W/m2K by utilising a triple glazed unit with thermally broken aluminium profiles. 

In terms of wind load this aluminium and glass façade has been tested under extreme wind loads with a nominal load of 2,000 PA and a peak load of 3,000 PA in accordance with EN12210 and the classification C4/B5.  

The system has also been security tested and displayed an excellent resistance to burglary, receiving the certification resistance to burglary up to RC 2 according to EN 1627. 

luxury villa with glass walls and slim sliding doors
residential glass façade system used to create glass walls

How Is a Glass Facade Supported?

A structural glass façade is usually supported by either a structural glass beam or a steel supporting wind post, although this can vary between projects.  

The minimal windows Highline aluminium and glass façade system has three connection options, so the system can be specified to suit the needs of each specific project.  

Firstly, a glass-to-glass connection can be utilised to design a flush surface glass façade. This option is made from insulated, concealed aluminium framing profiles and instead of posts, 10mm butt joints and structural glass bonding is used.  

Secondly is the Semi-SG variant, which is also designed as a flush surface modern glass facade but using structural glass bonding and 20mm butt joints rather than 10mm.  

Lastly is the cover-cap-look connection. This option uses ultra-slim posts with profiles of just 22/34mm. This aluminium and glass façade design still maintains the minimal and flush design. 

aluminium and glass façade connection type 1
aluminium and glass façade connection type 2
aluminium and glass façade connection type 3

Residential Glass Façade Designs

This aluminium and glass façade system can be used for a wide variety of project types including residential and commercial projects such as hotels, offices, or health clinics.  

Modern glass facades are more commonly seen in non-residential projects, although this is becoming an increasingly popular solutions for high end residential projects.  

The minimal windows Highline combines structural glazing with thermally broken aluminium framing profiles for the ideal residential glass façade system.  

If you are looking to create a home with entire walls of glass that also incorporate opening elements, then the Highline is the ideal solution.

As the Highline solution can be specified for up to 18m² and has a max pane weight of 500Kg for double glazed installations and 1000kg for triple glazed systems, it can also be utilised for double height residential glass facade designs.  


For more information on the minimal windows Highline aluminium and glass façade system, contact the team today.