Minimal Windows 4+ slim frames

minimal windows® 4+ Triple Glazed Sliding Doors

minimal windows® 4+ Large Triple Glazed Sliding Glass Doors

KELLER minimal windows®4+ has the same minimal detailing, slim framing and impressive innovations as KELLER minimal windows® in a larger, taller and more thermally efficient sliding glass door. Triple glazing within the slim aluminium frame allows a thermal performance of as little as 0.8W/m2K in large sliding glass doors up to 12m2 per sliding panel. Maintaining a slim aluminium frame the KELLER minimal windows®4+ maintains a frameless surrounding finish with a flush floor finish across the base track from inside to out. The vertical profile where the sliding panels meet is a minimal 26mm across creating an impressive floor to ceiling glass appearance.

Inovative Technology

Robust stainless steel rails and double stainless steel wheel carriages carry these impressively large, triple glazed, sliding glass doors with ease, creating a smooth sliding action even at the sliding doors maximum height of 4.5m tall. The stabilising neoprene base, hidden below finished floor finishes, creates a solid stable base for these large sliding glass doors to sit on, enabling smooth sliding action from installation onwards. Integrated two-point locking within the slim 26mm framing is handy and easy to use for an accessible sliding glass door. Automation can be neatly integrated within the head track for automatic sliding glass doors if required.
Impressive Thermal Performance
Using a highly insulating triple glazed unit and engineered thermal break technology within the aluminium frame the KELLER minimal windows®4+ system can reach some of the highest thermal performance requirements asked of contemporary design.
Slimmest Sightlines
With a vertical framing junction of only 26mm the KELLER minimal windows®4+ still expounds impressive slim framing even at larger sizes and in a triple glazed sliding door. All surrounding frame can be hidden by building flush finishes using a flush base track.
Large Triple Glazed Sliding Glass Doors
The sliding glass doors of KELLER minimal windows®4+ can be designed in panels of over 12m2 per sliding unit and can reach massive heights of 6m tall to create impressive, double height sliding glass doors. Even at large sizes doors can still be operated manually.