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Highline Glass Façade System

Highline Glass Façade System

This innovative glass facade system combines large, fixed elements for structural glazing with ultra-slim profiles, making it ideal for large, uninterrupted glazing installations.

The slender and frameless design of our glass façades enhance the pure minimalism of current architecture.

minimal windows® Highline solution combines large, fixed elements with ultra-slim profiles, up to 18m² this glass façade system is ideal for high-rise buildings, both residential and commercial.  

structural glass façade system with flexible design

Specification Information

The slender glass façade system creates opportunities for minimalist architecture and can support larger pane sizes that can span across the horizontal and vertical planes. The system would be best applied in projects where maximum glazing height is required.

Three varying types of connections are available, as we understand that each project has its own set of requirements. All variations are designed as a flush surface glass façade but with two tracks, allowing for the option to incorporate a sliding pane into the facade design.

Combing outstanding performance featured with such large capabilities offers architects high thermal performance, air permeability and more, without having to compromise on a modern and minimal design.

The Highline solution can be specified for up to 18m² and has a max pane weight of 500Kg for double glazed installations and 1000kg for triple glazed systems that utilise the minimal windows 4+ framing profile.

The flush-mounted or symmetrically alternating offset planes of the glass façade can be combined with ultra-slender design sliding doors to give the perfect solution for high-rise residential projects and business premises.

Our slim framed sliding glass doors can be incorporated into this glass facade system.

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Minimal Framing

Depending on the design variant this system can have completely concealed profiles with only slim SG bonding visible between the  panes, or up to a 34mm profile when opting for a cover-cap-look.

Flexible Design

Almost no limitation on size, a variety of connection options to choose from and the ability to integrate different technical glazing solutions for a truly bepsoke facade system.

Sound Insulation

The standard double glazed minimal window Highline can provide sound insulation up to 39 dB achievable, and when using the 4+ triple glazed Highline up to 45 dB is achievable

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Weather Testing

Tested under extreme wind loads with a nominal load of 2,000 Pa (approx. 200 km/h) and a peak load of 3,000 Pa (approx. 250 km/h; with brief gusts of wind) in accordance with EN12210 and the classification C4/B5.

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The system has also been security tested and displayed an excellent resistance to burglary, receiving the certification resistance to burglary up to RC 2 according to EN 1627.

Thermal Performance

The Highline façade system is a fully thermally broken system and can achieve Uw values from just 0.7W/m²K with triple glazing and our 4+ framing profile.

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