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Invisible Base Sliding Door System | NextGeneration Slider (NGS)

The invisible base sliding glass door.

Using a unique base detailing design, the NextGeneration Slider offers the Floor variation which allows the base frame to be hidden within the floor finishes. With the invisible sliding glass door base, the floor finishes are brought over the base frame of the slider for a true indoor to outdoor connection. 


Unlike other invisible base sliding glass doors, the NGS Floor design ensures that the sliding rail and wheels are still accessible even with this hidden design. For environments such as the UK (with rain and falling leaves!) this is very important for the durability and longevity of these glass door designs.  


The invisible base sliding glass door maintains the slim sightlines of the minimal windows systems as well as offering large sliding glass panels up to 6m tall, 18m2 and 1500kg.  

Specification Information

The threshold of the NGS Floor is recessed and invisible with the sliding glass door rails able to be covered with natural stone, marble or wood in a natural continuation of the floor finish.  

The thermally broken aluminium frame maintains a thorough and full thermal break across all sections for expectational insulation and thermal performance to meet the 2025 standards. In addition, the invisible base sliding glass door maintains the expectational levels of weather tightness from the rest of the NGS range.  

With large glass sizes possible, the NGS Floor provides specifiers with an invisible base sliding glass door that meets all specification criteria.  

Invisible Base Detail

The base frame is recessed and below the floor finishes, allowing the floor finishes to run directly inside to outside.  

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Large Glass Sizes

Each sliding panel of the invisible base sliding door can be 6m tall, 18m2 and 1500kg per unit.  

Different Glass Depths

With four rebate options, the NGS Floor can accommodate insulated glass thicknesses from 34mm to 74mm.  

Exceptional Performance

The system is fully tested for protection against the elements including air tightness, protection against wind and driving rain. Security ratings of RC3 are also confirmed.  

Highly Insulated

Using multi chamber thermal break technology and highly insulating glass, the system achieves Uw values from 0.9 W/m2K.  

Integrated Drainage

All drainage is integrated into the base framing for an invisible base sliding glass door that can cope with the rainfall of the UK climate.  

Invisible Base

Glass within the NGS View spans from floor to ceiling with no visible frame above the FFL. Fixed and sliding glass units appear as one, minimising the impact this thermally broken, insulating building element has on indoor-outdoor connections. 

By ensuring that the glass spans floor to ceiling, and by combining the hidden handle detail into the design, specifiers can achieve a truly frameless design with only the vertical interlocker visible. 

Large Glass Sizes

The bonded glass system is possible in glass sizes up to 6m tall per sliding pane. With a max unit weight of 1500kg the NGS Floor can achieve incredible glass sizes, all with an invisible base.  

Each sliding glass unit can be made in sizes up to 18m2, allowing architects and specifiers to push the boundaries of what is possible, all while maintaining that minimal framed design.  

Automated Options

Linear drive and topslide automation are possible with the NGS Floor as well as the integrated soft/close function.  

As all motor functions are located in the head of the sliding glass door, the choice of base frame does not alter the advanced automation options available from the NGS range.  

Shear Free Interlock Design

Part of the NextGeneration technology is the patented shear-free interlock. The unique interlock design allows for expansion and contraction of the exterior interlock under high temperature without disrupting the sliding action.  

Large glass doors are now possible with dark frame colours in high temperature climates with the shear-free interlock. The design eradicates the bi-metal effect of sliding doors.  

Material Options for Interlocks

You don’t have to be satisfied with PPC aluminium with the NGS systems. The vertical interlocks of the sliding doors can be made from a variety of materials, all designed to complement the most popular building styles.  

Interlocks of timber, special metals and glass are all possible with the NGS to create a unique design to the sliding door façade.  

Even the thrust lever locking handles of the NGS can be created in different materials for a special and characteristic finish.  


Optional Additions

The hidden handle design allows the leading edge of the sliding glass door to slot invisibly into the wall, leaving only glass in its view. The locking edge of the glass door is completely enclosed into the wall, Using soft open/close automation, the sliding door automatically slides out of the wall when ready to open.  

Integrated insect screens are also possible that can be hidden within the wall structure. Simply clip the screen onto the sliding glass door and pull the screen to protect the opening from insects.  


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