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Slim Framed Sliding Doors | minimal windows®

The slimmest sightlines for slim sliding doors

The minimal windows premium sliding glass door and window creates open, light-flooded living spaces thanks to flush base details and almost frameless profiles. These are not just products – they are a luxury lifestyle.

The structurally bonded slim framed sliding glass door system is the UK’s most popular slim sliding glass door, seen regularly on award winning luxury architectural projects across the globe.

Specification Information

As well as the perfect minimalist design the slim framed sliding glass doors have invisible, built-in innovations and technology to ensure these large luxury sliding glass doors slide smoothly from installation.

With stainless steel rails in the base, a solid neoprene hidden drainage block, integrated stainless steel carriages, discreet and accessible locking handles are all standard design features with KELLER minimal windows® to ensure excellent performance as well as impressive floor to ceiling sliding glass facades.

The minimal windows® sliding glass doors comes with various locking options including a manual thrust lever lock and a manual key lock. The key lock is accessible from both the inside and outside of the sliding doors, and it is housed within an elongated vertical section of the leading sliding door. 

This high security sliding door system received its PAS 24 certification after being tested in a two-pane configuration at the Rosenheim Institue in Germany.

The minimal framed aluminium premium sliding door system has a full resume of weather testing results, security testing. Find out more about the sliding glass door systems technical aspects below.

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Slim Framing

The KELLER minimal windows® system has a flush head and base detail with a flush internal to external floor finish. With a vertical frame of only 21mm where panels meet the slim framing profile allows maximum glass versus minimal frame resulting in the best sliding glass doors up to 8.5m2.

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Sliding Configurations

A solid neoprene base sits below the floor finishes, creating a solid base for these large sliding glass panels to sit on and an invisible drainage block. Stainless steel rails, wheels and integrated locking maintain a minimalistic appearance whilst ensuring performance

Max Sizes

Each sliding glass door pane can be up to 8.5m2, with fixed windows available up to 18m2. The doors have been tested to a maximum height of 4m.

At the Base

The minimal windows® sliding glass door system is a bottom hung door system. The design and engineering of the base was a key component in its conception to ensure these slim framed sliding panels slide effortlessly across the base. Each installation of minimal windows® comes with a unique, integrated drainage solution to ensure a high level of water tightness. All base options provide a flush and step free interaction between the external and internal finished floor levels. It is certified for barrier free access, DIN 18040-1, DIN 18040-2.
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Flush Threshold

The standard base track for minimal windows® offers a flush threshold. It has a 12-13mm recessed track in the floor with stainless steel rails. The result offers a floor to ceiling glass finish.
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The Freeway Base

The Freeway Base creates a completely flat finish across the base threshold, inside to out. 

The stainless steel wheels are completely encased within each sliding pane, resulting in 37mm frame above the finished floor level.

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Integrated Drainage

Below the base framing and chosen threshold sits an integrated drainage base. This drains water from within the base frame to the specified external drainage solution.

Flexible Design Options

One of the advantages of the minimal windows® modern patio door system is its ability to offer a flexible design solution to architects, developers and specifiers. As well as long runs of minimal sliding glass, the system can also be adapted to different opening types including pocket doors, opening corners, slim framed windows and Juliet balcony doors.

Open Corners

Opening corners with no corner post are possible. Angles from 65 to 177 degrees possible. 

Pocket Doors Icon

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors from one track to four tracks possible. Slide all panels away into hidden cavities within the wall structure. 

Juliet Balconies Icon

Juliet Balcony Doors

Integrate a frameless glass balustrade into the opening for a Juliet Balcony door design. 

Bi Parting Sliders Icon

Bi Parting Sliders

Bi-parting doors possible with a minimal 21mm interlock at the connecting junction. 


This high security sliding glass door system has been tested to PAS 24:2016 standards. 

Certification for this system shows that is classed as a high security sliding glass door, perfect for both residential and commercial applications. 

Testing was carried out on a two pane minimal windows Sliding Door in a sliding over fixed configuration and applies to systems up to 2636mm tall. 

The slim framed slider has been tested to all relevant standards for weather tightness, thermal performance, security and acoustic insulation. 

All testing was carried out at the Rosenheim Institue in Germany to ensure in-depth performance data was taken. 

Thermal Performance

Uw ≥ 1.1 W/(m²K) (depending on glass type & dimensions)

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Air Permeability

Class 4 according to EN 12207

Water Tightness

Driving rain tightness Class 7A according to EN 12208

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Sound Insulation

Sound insulation Up to 39 dB achievable

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PAS24 certified and security against burglary up to WK2 (RC2) according to EN 1627

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Wind Load

Resistance to wind load Class C4/B5 according to EN 12210

A Premier Sliding Door

minimal windows® is the world’s premier high end sliding door system. Every aspect of the contemporary sliding door – from performance to ergonomics to design – has been developed with high specification projects in mind. All technologies are integrated within the slim aluminium framing for a well rounded door system, marrying performance and design.

Glass Specification

The system holds a double glazed unit up to 34mm thick. As standard the glass includes a low-e coating and argon gas filling. Additional glass options are available.

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No additional handles are needed. Each sliding pane is moved via the ergonomic vertical profiles. This maintains the minimal design and makes the doors easy to operate by everyone.

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All locking is integrated into the slim aluminium profiles. As standard the system is locked manually via a multi point lock in the leading sliding pane. 

Automation + Technology

The minimal windows® slider system is designed to be manually opened. The ergonomic handle designs paired with the engineered stainless steel sliding action ensures the system is easy to operate and open. For an added element of technology you can integrate hidden motors to create an electronically opening door. Further technology integration can be achieved with electro-magnetic locking and integration into smart home systems.


If required, a hidden motor can be included with the minimal window® installation. The motor is installed internally within the internal ceiling. We recommend automation for sliders over 500kg per pane.
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Electric Locking

Upgrade the standard locking solution with an integrated electro-magnetic lock. The lock can be activated via any electrical means, including smart home technologies. 

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Smart Home Integration

All electrical elements of the minimal windows® system can easily be integrated into your smart home system.

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