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minimal Vertical Sliding Sash Window

minimal Vertical Sash Window System

The minimal aluminium framing of the minimal windows® large sliding glass doors is also available as a large, contemporary vertical sash window.

This vertical sliding window system creates large horizontal openings that are ideal for creating striking glass facades, including double-height glazing installations.

Sash windows are an ever-growing glazing feature that architects and project owners are specifying. They allow for a space to be completely opened creating the perfect space for indoor to outdoor living. 

Specification Information

The minimal Vertical Sash window can be specified up to 4.5m wide  with the minimal aluminium surround framing. The possible height of the opening depends on the width, with each vertical sliding element available up to 12m12m 2.

A vertical sash window is a perfect addition to any contemporary architectural design as they are able to slide open at the centre, creating a unique opening. Due to the large sizes of these vertical sliding windows, it is the perfect system to create a full glass façade for double height spaces.

Thanks to the full thermal break within the frame and the high specification of glazing used, these vertical sliding windows have high levels of thermal insulation, solar protection and transparency. A number of different glass options are available to provide you with the performance you need.

Click here for vertical sash window FAQ’s.

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Slim Framing

The horizontal frame is either 21mm for doubled glazed systems and 26mm for triple glazed systems. 

All locking is integrated meaning no added framing is necessary. The large sizes and slim framing provide a perfectly clear and large glass façade with no obstruction to any views.

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Integrated Locking

To maintain the slim horizontal transoms, a multi-point locking system is integrated directly into the profiles of the vertical sash window. 

This is operated by either a thrust lever handle or removable key. Alternatively, electro-magnetic locking can be specified. 


The windows are available as a two-pane or a three-pane window.

The two-pane configuration allows the base panel to slide up over a fixed pane.

The three-pane configuration can either open at the centre, or at the top and bottom simultaneously.

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The vertically sliding sash windows can be designed with automated motors for electrical openings or counter weighed for a smooth manual opening action.

Large Sash Windows

Double Glazing: maximum width of 4m, 8.5m2 per vertical sliding sash.

Triple Glazing: maximum width 4.5m, 12m2 per vertical sliding sash.

Glass Options

The double glazed system has a max glass thickness of 34mm with a low-e coating and argon gas filling as standard. 

The triple glazed option has a max. glass thickness of 56mm. 

More glass options available on request. 

Vertical Sash Window System | Project Examples

Our sash windows have featured in many previous projects in various sizes and configurations. Below features a handful of our most recognised and unique sash window projects. 

Rawlings Street

Rawlings street is a luxury townhouse in Southwest London that has undergone an extensive renovation.

With space limited it was of great importance for the architects working on the project to create an open living environment for the family. Anthro Architecture specified a double height sash window paired with a glass roof feature to illuminate the entire living space.   

Read more about Rawlings street here.

Rawlings street double height sash window top view
Rawlings street double height sash window

Camlet Way

One unique element of this home is the three double height, vertical sliding sash windows at the rear of the property.

These minimal windows vertical sash windows aren’t something that is seen in every home. Not only do they allow floods of natural light into the property but they create large horizontal openings in double height glass elements, providing multiple access points to the home.

See the rest of Camlet Way here. 

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