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Timber Sliding Doors | Avino x minimal windows

A brand new timber finish made in collaboration with IQ Glass and their Avino timber range.

As part of the growing minimal windows product range, the team at Keller minimal windows have developed a brand new timber veneer system that transforms the classical aluminium sliding door system into a timber style sliding door.

The new timber veneer effect has been named “minimal windows Holz” which translates to minimal windows wood!

Timber sliding doors - Timber veneer technology.

The newly developed timber veneer provides a cost effective option to achieving a timber look on the interior of a sliding system. With 11 timber feel options, the system can be completely transformed into a system that fits any aesthetic, especially projects that desire a passivhaus, sustainable feel.

A common concern of having timber veneers instead of a full timber system is that the timber veneer may not act like real timber does. “True” timber sliding doors will slightly change colour and texture overtime, this gives the effect that the doors are alive and really reinforces that the doors are fully timber. While many may assume that the timber veneers are made from false timber materials such as laminate, they have actually been constructed using real wood from sustainably grown trees. This means that the same ageing effects will happen, providing an ideal timber finish.

Timber sliding doors Avino x minimal windows
Timber sliding doors Avino x minimal windows 1
timber sliding doors

Finish Options

With 11 timber finish options, it is a breeze to find the timber type that suits your project. 

timber sliding doors

Easy Maintenance

Timber veneers can be cleaned with water and soap for easy maintenance! This will increase the lifespan of the timber. 

Timber + Aluminium

Combining the aluminium system with the timber veneers allows for a sleek system with two aesthetics from inside to outside.  

Timber sliding doors Avino x minimal windows 3

Timber sliding doors - Design options

To create your ideal timber sliding doors, the design options are currently (as of March 2024) Cracked Oak, Walnut, Plain Oak, Larch, Satin Walnut, Branch Oak, Norway Maple, Maple, Cherry Tree, Zebrano and Teak. This wide variety of finish options allows for the timber sliding doors to match the vibe and theme of nearly any project. It is important to remember that these real wood finishes of the minimal windows Holz system will develop unique colours overtime depending on sunlight exposure and humidity levels.

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The character, liveliness and unique finish of the minimal windows Holz system is why it is desired by homeowners and architects alike. Click here to contact the team to find out more regarding the timber systems!

Click here to check out Avino, home of timber framed glazing systems by the minimal windows UK supplier IQ Glass.

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